All of our pets have been urgent last call rescues and have been thoroughly vetted, microchipped, and spayed/neutered.  Although all of our pets would love the opportunity to call your house home, we would like to find the right fit for the both of you. As a foster parent, you have the opportunity to discover every individual pet's personalty with no out of pocket expense. We provide all food and lifestyle needs in the foster program. Once you find your shining star pup, we can move forward with the adoption application.

Pets available for adoption are listed below: 

Riley is 35 lbs of kisses and hugs! She was a high risk rescue from Harris County Shelter. She is a low key dog who enjoys coffee shop hopping parents! She has bouts of energy when paired up in a pack of pups and kids. 

Misty is a high energy, crossfit romping girl. She was dumped mama starved of food, water, and attention in west Texas. Weighing in at 60 lbs, Misty is full of energy and ready for your direction. She'd make the most loyal sidekick to any family with children. She is dog selective, and would prefer to be the only pet in the household. She is extremely intelligent and good with direction and commands. 

Chava was an at risk rescue at Harris County. He is undergoing heartworm treatment. He would love if you would join him rolling down a grassy hill. He has a playful energy,